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About QB2 PocketQube System

Cubito (“QB2”) is Spanish for “little cube.” The QB2 PocketQube System is based on a concept and standard first proposed by Professor Bob Twiggs, to develop a satellite (5 cm x 5 cm x 5 cm) that could fit in a pocket. The QB2 PocketQube Engineering Model (“QB2EM”) is the perfect engineering system to provide students with challenging experiential learning opportunities, including: evaluating and operating satellite subsystems; assessing subsystem interactions; investigating FlatSat development and testing procedures; constructing and operating a pico-satellite engineering model; operating a ground station and communicating with QB2EM; demonstrating, communicating and modifying satellite operations; performing remote sensor measurements; programing firmware and concept of operations; developing new pay-loads by adding sensors or instruments, or by modifying software commands; and many more activities.

The QB2 PocketQube System includes: an Arduino Uno Adapter; FlatSat Adapter; five subsystems (CDH, EPS and BAT Module, ADS, COM, and PRT); detailed User Manuals for subsystem testing and operations, QB2EM integration, and Interface Control Documents; software libraries; and a Pelican case for safe storage and transport. A Project Manager can as-sign team members for each subsystem to test subsystem functionality and then integrate into the QB2EM. Once the QB2EM is fully integrated, the Ground Station software (computer and smart phone) can be used to receive QB2 telemetry and transmit commands to the QB2EM.

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