CanSat Kit $449.00


About CanSat Kit

The CanSat Kit (“CSK”) is an exciting and challenging project-based educational engineering system for students to acquire hands-on training in the life cycle development of a basic satellite project at an affordable price. Critical skills learned, include mission planning and design, building and testing satellite subsystems, systems engineering, project management, remote sensing and data analytics, and many other competences required for the development and management of new technologies. 

Students solder all of the components on each board.  The CSK includes: all the boards, parts, and electronic components required to build a CanSat; a detailed User’s Manual for assembly, testing and operations; and software libraries.  The Project Manager can create teams to build, test, and integrate each five subsystems: (1) Command and Data Handling (“CDH”); (2) Electrical Power Subsystem (“EPS”); (3) Attitude Determination Subsystem (“ADS”); (4) Communication Subsystem (“COM”); and (5) Proto Board (“PRT”).  The CSK includes an OLED Display that can be attached to the COM Module and with the proper code, data will be displayed on the screen.

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